Warning: Palm Tcl is no longer being actively developed. The current releases support V3.x of Palm OS and not any later versions.


Palm Tcl is a open source programming language and development environment for creating applications for handheld devices running the Palm OS operating system. Its primary goal is to simplify and accelerate the process of application development for Palm OS. Palm Tcl allows programmers to write applications without requiring them to know the intricacies of the Palm OS runtime environment. Programs written in Palm Tcl are generally an order of magnitude shorter than their C equivalents and can be written in a fraction of the time.

Palm Tcl is based on version 7.6 of Tcl, a widely used multiplatform scripting language. John Ousterhout at Berkeley created the language in 1988 since which time it has been ported to a wide variety of platforms. It was designed as an open-source scripting language that was easily learned and yet powerful enough to be used in a wide variety of problem domains. Palm Tcl brings the ease of Tcl based application development to the Palm OS platform.

Latest News

Version 0.4 of Palm Tcl released. Changes include

·        A more complete set of database commands including sorting and array-based access

·        Enhancements to user interface widgets include more robust table support, enhanced field handling, cut’n’paste support etc.

·        Better documentation with code examples

·        Demo includes a mini address book application

·        Bug fixes

See documentation for a detailed list.